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Solar Network

Evidence of Solar PV, Battery and Conservation Advancements

Solar PV

Batteries and Storage

Conservation and Efficiency

Electric Vehicles

Open Source


Plug-in Framework
SolarNetwork's Amazing Plug-in Framework
Read about Greenstage and SolarNetwork in Idealog issue #44
Underlying Technology Platform for Energyshare - the Solar PV Cooperative
Of course we're on github!
SolarNetwork @ the CFEE Workshop in Napa, CA!
Energy Data Jam
SolarNetwork @ the Energy Data Jam!
We're now using Atlassian tools!
Code Coverage Tool
Bug Tracking Software

Follow Greenstage Power's implementation of the SolarNetwork™ platform on Facebook as we adopt OpenADR for Smartgrid deployments!

Meet us at the Smartgrids Summit in Wellington, NZ February 23, 2010

Development Guides are now available

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SEANZ 2009 Sharp Award Winner!

A preview of Live data is now available.

Open Source Components are now under development.

RED 2008 Poster

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