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Solar Network


SolarNetwork exhibits a modern architecture whereby a small, low-power embedded computer runs an application called SolarNode. Installed onsite, this device acquires time-stamped information from a multitude of devices in the building, and persits them locally. Services provided by SolarNode transmit that data over HTTPS to the SolarNet server application, where it is finally persisted and aggregated along with editable metadata. Accredited clients can access this data using RESTful web services to either visualize or act upon it. Written in Java, the SolarNetwork components inherit all the advantages of advanced object oriented development, rich libraries, multi-protocol connectivity and superb development and testing toolsets. Enabling a hetergeneous environment, the software modules available in SolarNetwork are made to communicate with multiple instances of multiple devices concurrently, breaking down "silos" of information. SolarNetwork has been made to communicate with external systems such as Building Management Systems, Electric Vehicle Chargers and other business systems.