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Solar Network

An Open Source Platform for Distributed Generation

SolarNetwork is an open-source project and experiment to test a method of distributed energy production. It relies on the continuous participation and cooperation of an online community.

We aim to foster a community of solar enthusiasts and developers to both 1) build out the enterprise-class infrastructure for a robust, international SolarNetwork, and 2) provide the real-world know-how and data to support a new type of distributed generation DG energy management organization.

Thanks to our on-line community, we now have a simply awesome technical infrastructure under development, allowing for the collection, aggregation, visualization and analysis of live solar insolation data and consumption data as it correlates with weather and live grid-electicity prices. But this is just the start, so stay tuned.

Do you want to monitor your live solar array or your power consumption for your home or business, using reliable, enterprise-strength software? It's free. And we look forward to working with you. Contact us!

The online SolarNetwork dashboard:
solar and consumption visualization using HTML5


Read about Greenstage and SolarNetwork in Idealog issue #44
Underlying Technology Platform for Energyshare - the Solar PV Cooperative
We're investigating github...stay tuned...
SolarNetwork @ the Energy Datapalooza!
SolarNetwork @ the CFEE Workshop in Napa, CA!
Energy Data Jam
SolarNetwork @ the Energy Data Jam!
We're now using Atlassian tools!
Code Coverage Tool
Bug Tracking Software

Follow Greenstage Power's implementation of the SolarNetwork™ platform on Facebook as we adopt OpenADR for Smartgrid deployments!

Meet us at the Smartgrids Summit in Wellington, NZ February 23, 2010

Development Guides are now available

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SEANZ 2009 Sharp Award Winner!

A preview of Live data is now available.

Open Source Components are now under development.

RED 2008 Poster

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